William (Bill) Mechanic has an Honors Bachelor of Commerce degree. He is a Hydraulic Application Engineer, an Electro-hydraulic Technician as well as he’s been a Parker-Hannifin instructor for 20 years. With over 30 years of design & engineering experience in hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Bill is a true resource of practical industry knowledge. His passion for hydraulics and pneumatics and how it relates to local industry shines through with his hands-on interactive approach to learning.

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“"Bill Mechanic is the foremost authority on fluid power I am aware of. It was an honour to attend his class."”

“"Excellent class for all levels."”

“"Good knowledge and information. I'll use what I learned at my workplace."”

“"Great class. Instructor was amazing!"”

“"Very informative and well executed."”

“"Great course. Learned a lot. Very important and relevant content."”

“"Overall great. Keep up the awesome!"”