Shock Absorbers

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The ACE® VibroChecker mobile app is a free app designed to quickly and easily measure vibration up to 8,000 Hz. Click on the icon for more information.

AUTOMATION CONTROL:   Increase productivity by quickly decelerating moving loads without damaging impacts.

  • Miniature shock absorbers
  • Industrial shock absorbers
  • Heavy industrial shock absorbers
  • Profile dampers
  • Damping pads

MOTION CONTROL:    Enhance operator or machine control through the entire range of motion.

  • Push & pull type gas springs
  • Hydraulic dampers
  • Hydraulic feed controls
  • Rotary dampers

COMPACT CONTROL:   Small but powerful protection.

Miniature Shock Absorbers   Protection for both operating personnel and the machine itself.

Applications: Miniature slides, Pneumatic cylinders, Handling modules, Copiers, Measuring tables, Machines and plants, Locking systems.

Stainless Steel Gas Springs (push type)   Made-to-measure. Makes caregivers jobs easier and improve patient comfort and safety.